Bo Burnham’s “What” – A case study in responsible humour on taboo topics

Source: Bo Burnham’s “What” – A case study in responsible humour on taboo topics


Games Journalism: That Prick

Tired Old Hack

The Journalism family photo. L-R: Barbara, Games, Michael The Journalism family photo. L-R: Barbara Journalism, Games Journalism, Michael Journalism

Today I’m going to tell you about a person who gets a lot of abuse and criticism on the internet: Games Journalism.

Games Hayden Journalism was born in Portland, Oregon in 1979. Its parents, Barbara and Michael Journalism, could tell that at a very young age Games was destined for big things.

Games played its first video game at an early age, and was so blown away by what it witnessed that it decided to dedicate its life to preaching the good word of gaming to others.

At the time, the best way to reach these audiences was through print. So, a young Games Journalism released numerous magazines, charging gamers a small fee to find out about the latest games.

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Feminists: The fact we haven’t killed you means we don’t hate women, extremely creepy dude explains

we hunted the mammoth

How weird is it that this old magazine has two different articles relevant to this post? How weird is it that this old magazine has two different articles relevant to this post?

I‘ll get to that thing in the headline in a second. But first: A Voice for Men’s Director of Lying Liars Janet Bloomfield has responded to my last post about her embattled tit pics — see here; the whole thing is too bizarre to explain briefly —  by informing her readers that I was

failing to distinguish between pics sent to individual men privately as a means of manipulation and pics plastered over social media to make a broader point about feminist censorship and harassment.

AVFM’s flying monkey army has been making the same, er, argument in a series of highly original tweets:

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What is biological sex?

End Trans* Hate

Sometimes people like to throw around that, being a trans woman myself, I have XY chromosomes therefore am a man, it’s biology and you can’t deny it! So, I would like to finally shed some light on this topic, and hopefully as well shed off some misinformation that’s commonly thrown around the interwebs.

I lightly cover this in [Argument #15], I suggest you check that one out… with a dictionary definition and everything!

“Biological Sex” is something that covers a much broader range of features then just chromosomes alone. To just use a part of a whole to try to define another human being, is equivalent to calling the kettle red because when it was being made and in molten iron stage it was glowing red. Sorry, the kettle is black.

Let me give a broader definition as to what is actually covered when someone tries to call…

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Yes, Christina Hoff Sommers is a Rape Denialist

If you were around for the so-called Culture Wars of the mid-1990s, you probably remember Christina Hoff Sommers — her 1994 book Who Stole Feminism? was a centerpiece of right-wing attacks on mainstream feminist theory and organizing at the time. Recently Sommers has re-emerged as the “mom” — that’s literally what they call her — of #GamerGate, that weird movement of video game fans obsessed with “ethics in gaming journalism” and what they see as feminist attacks on their hobby.

I haven’t paid more than desultory attention to Sommers since the nineties, so when I somehow wound up at her Twitter feed on Saturday I was surprised to see her supportively retweeting this:

The assertions in this tweet — that Rolling Stone “invented” its recent story on an…

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