Pogo now says his misogynistic posts were an “experiment.” Then he denounces most self-described feminists as “hyenas” and “brats.”

Seems Pogo is still at it

we hunted the mammoth

Yeah, that's the ticket! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

So the musician who goes by the name Pogo, best known for his magical audiovisual mashups using snippets of old Disney movies, is now declaring that the awful misogynistic nonsense he recently posted on his blog and on YouTube was “somewhat of an experiment for myself,” intended to rile up

the enormous breed of hyenas out there taking gender equality and feminism hostage, and bending it into a social status to validate their feeling that the world owes them everything because of their gender.

As Pogo (real name Nick Bertke) explains it in a new blog post today, his attacks on women were intended to expose these fake feminist “hyenas … as the self contradicting brats they are.” To do this, he says,

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