Memories of The Escapist, and pondering the future

definitely an interesting perspective of a site I still regularly go to


So for those who missed it, last week Defy Media announced huge lay-offs at two of the sites under their umbrella, The Escapist and GameTrailers, including the Escapist’s editor-in-chief, Greg Tito, and one of GameTrailers’ most prolific contributors, Michael Damiani.

Prevailing theory seems to be that Gametrailers (which has seen its traffic fall in recent years) is likely to be merged with the Escapist so that they can bring all their video content together under one banner, bolster the ranks of content at the latter site (which has seen withdrawals in recent months, not least Jim Sterling, who went independent) and generate extra traffic for the under-visited GameTrailers. Given that large amounts of the sites’ maintenance already takes place in the Defy offices, this would make sense.

The Escapist was the first gaming forum I ever went on. I admit that I went there for Zero Punctuation (like most of…

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